Ambrosia Cream / Black DRESS

Ambrosia Cream / Black DRESS

There's going to be a great outgoing soon? You're lucky! In the Ambrosia dress you will be star of the evening! Elegant, extremely feminine style, with delicate creme lace. Delicate gloss makes the creation extremely elegant and stylish. Sensual V-shaped neckline perfectly exposes breasts and cut slims the waist.

Fabric composition: 60%rayon, 30%nylon, 7%spandex, 3%elastane 


Sizing Guide

Below you will find our sizing guide - we recommend that you should use your pre-pregnancy size.
Our whole collection has been produced from especially selected stretchy fabrics and our designs will grow with you from the very beginning of your pregnancy until after your baby is born.

However if you are not sure which size you need simply email us with any queries at and we will check it for you and send the best match.