C&C Organic Ring Sling Raspberry

Raspberry Ring Sling

Easy hip carrier.

It's the 100% organic cotton, Colimaçon et Cie slings are incredibly soft right off the loom, and supportive enough for front, back and hip carries for newborns and toddlers.

One size - 2m long. Width of sling approximately 70 cm.
Comes with instructions for three basic and easy carries - For use from birth 3.5 kg / 8 lb to 15 kg / 33 lbs.

Fabric weight: 220 grams/m2
Tinted and manufactured in France.
Includes step by step instructions and pictures for various carry positions (front, back and on the hip).

When can you use a ring sling?
Easy hip carrier - 
Quick to use, the ring sling is your go-to “instant carrier”. Perfect for shopping, picking up the bigger kids from school, making a cake, nursing the baby discretely…

Consider your ring sling as a piece of clothing that you’ll wear, rather than a baby accessory. Pick a colour that goes with your wardrobe.



Do I need to wash my C&C wrap or my C&C ring sling before using it for the first time?
Yes. After dying our fabric, the dyer applies a finishing product that helps the fabric glide but makes knotting more difficult (the fabric doesn’t have enough friction). Machine wash your baby carrier once in 30ŒŠí£í‹ ( 84°F) water to get rid of this finish.

How should I care for my wrap or my ring sling?
Over time, exposure to heat will deteriorate the fibres. To keep your baby carrier strong, we suggest machine-washing in water no hotter than 40ŒŠí£í‹ ( 106 °F). Machine dry and iron only occasionally.

Will my wrap shrink the first time I wash it?
Yes. It will lose 10% of it’s length. That’s why we make our wraps 10% longer than the size chosen. (For example: If you’ve ordered a 2m wrap / sling, you will receive a wrap that is 2.20m, which will shrink to 2.00m after washing.)

Is C&C ring sling safe for my child?
Safety Testing for Colimacon & Cie products, the colors used are in accordance with the Ecolabel Öko-Tex Standard 100.
They do not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde. They do not use dye called "azo" (carcinogenic dye banned in Europe but still widely used in India, China ...) or colors listed as allergens. They have been tested and validated testing laboratory approved on the basis of the standard NF EN 13209-2 (flexible carrier children).

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About Colimacon et Cie

Colimacon et Cie wraps & ring slings are quite new on the market, but so far have great reviews.  The wraps and slings from C&C are a wonderfully affordable 100% organic wrap option that feels floppy right out of the package.  It is a flat, grippy weave, becomes soft and moldable after a little use and washing.  It is a strong, supportive workhorse of a wrap, and great for toddlers.  The C&C wraps are available in a rainbow of rich colors and they are all solid colors, rather than stripes.